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How it works

Please register using the submission form found on this page. Once you submit, we will send you a welcome email with your password to enter our exclusive wholesale web portal where you will access to all of our wholesale products, along with the wholesale promo to use for all of your purchases. One you submit your order we will ship everything to you with free shipping.


Test results & Quality

Most Delta 8 products on the market have toxic levels of residue chemicals. We have test results, in case your customers want to view them. We guarantee the highest standard and test regularly. Read more about our process on The Science.


Our brand is your brand

We have no company branding of our own on the packaging, so your customers will always and only associate the product with your store.

Need a Delta-8 neon light for your shop? Contact us


Legal compliance

All of our products are regularly tested for any Delta 9 THC and all of our products are derived from less than 0.3% THC natural hemp. For more information on the legal status of our products check here.


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