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WARNING: This product contains Delta-8 THC, a naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in hemp, which may have similar psychoactive effects to Delta-9 THC found in cannabis.

D8 Koko Nuggz - Chocolate Chip

They look like beautiful buds and are sure to have your friends fooled. But once eaten, sit back, relax and get ready for a cool ride.


Savory and chocolatey like a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven, you are going to love the combination of chocolate chip flavor alongside the cocoa coating of each Koko Nuggz.


Each chocolate Koko Nuggz is infused with 50mg of premium Delta 8 THC.


Due to extreme heat, these products will only ship Monday through Wednesday, and will be packaged with an ice pack to help mitigate melting. We cannot guarantee these will not melt.


Dosage Information:

Each nugget of our Koko Nuggz contains 50 milligrams of potent Delta 8 THC. This amount of D8 THC may create too intense of an experience for new D8 edible users. We suggest starting by enjoying ¼ of a nugget. Wait a couple of hours for the full effect to be realized, as this may not occur for up to three hours. If the full benefits of the Delta 8 haven’t been realized after that time, then enjoy another ¼ of the nugget. Continue this process until you find the dosage that is right for you.



Contains: Milk, Soy. Confection Wafers (sugar, vegetable oil [palm kernel oil, hydrogenated palm kernel and cottonseed oils], nonfat dry milk, milk, cocoa, glyceryl lacto esters of fatty acids, soy lecithin, yellow 5 lake, blue 1 lake, salt, artificial flavor), Crisp Rice (rice, sugar, malt extract, salt, tocopherols [preservative], vitamin C [sodium ascorbate], iron [ferrous orthophosphate], vitamin A [palmitate], niacinamide, zinc [zinc oxide], vitamin B1 [thiamin mononitrate], vitamin B6 [pyridoxine hydrochloride], vitamin D [cholecalciferol], vitamin B2 [riboflavin], folic acid, vitamin B12 [cyanocobalamin]).



Potency: Tested

Residual Solvents: Passed


*Our products are all tested for harmful substances to ensure the highest quality. Beware of products in-store or online without viewing the test results first. The Delta-8 market has been flooded with products containing dangerous and toxic levels of residual solvents.


Read more about our process on "The Science" and see our test results by scrolling down on the "Home Page" and clicking the icon which says "Independently Tested by Green Leaf Labs".

D8 Koko Nuggz - Chocolate Chip

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