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What is the quality of our Delta-8 product?

Not all hemp-derived products like Delta-8 are made equal. It is crucial that any and all hemp products have no traces of heavy metals, residual solvents, or any leachables arising out of an improper extraction process of Delta-8. It is very important to always check the results of any Delta-8 products you buy and avoid buying any in-store products without seeing the test results first.

We strive for transparency and make sure that all of our finished products have certified test results to ensure you are provided with the highest quality product that is safe. There are no harmful residual solvents in any of our products. We have partnered up with a licensed and accredited testing company Green Leaf Labs to achieve this purpose.

We also test for potency for compliance with regulations (many of the Delta-8 products on the market may have illegal quantities of Delta-9, so be careful.) Delta-9 is Not Detected, "ND", in all of our products. See Here for the Recent Test Results & Certificates.

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