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I tried delta-8 THC and this is how it felt.

NOTE: Consumption outcomes may differ.

I opted to test them in different amounts of 30mg and 60mg, because delta-8 is said to have less potent effects than standard THC. The activation should take around 20-45 minutes; because of the bio-viability of the High Future product the release is much faster than other products.

I took each dosage on an empty stomach for the fastest onset time possible.

Here’s my experience.

30mg dose experience (picture above)

I took the first dose around 8:30 a.m., and after approximately 30 minutes, I began to feel the typical head and body buzz that indicates the presence of marijuana in my system. Or, if you'll pardon me, hemp:p

Normally, a 30mg dose of regular marijuana edibles would put me to sleep in a matter of hours, however the delta-8 gummies provided a stimulating, almost energizing sensation like to a good morning wake 'n' bake.

It was almost like feel awake, clear-headed, and ready to face the day, like one of those Limitless pills from that movie. I was hooked into my work less than an hour after ingesting the gummy, on to tackling a day's worth of work.

When I ate the the gummy, I honestly expected to feel nothing at all. I was prepared to be disappointed The High Future delta-8 gummies experience, on the other hand, had me forget about work. Truly, I turned up the music music, and started dancing about my apartment.

The weight of anxiety surrounding me sometimes cause my brain to be fuzzy at times and makes me feel anxious. It makes it difficult for me to even approach daily living, much alone daily work. Delta-8 has proven to have the same effects as smoking a joint, although much lighter, and assuring myself that everything will be fine (all without the drowsy aftertaste.)

To be honest, that was a very pleasant surprise. Something tells me that delta-8 could be exactly what it claims to be. It's possible that the lower-dose delta-8 THC is what makes cannabis more accessible to folks with lesser tolerances.

The delta-8 high had started to fade by 12 p.m., and by 2 p.m., the only adverse effects were a little dry mouth and thirst, but I was pleasantly able to continue with my day.

60 mg experience

In three days, I ate the 60mg dose of delta-8 gummies at 3pm. Overall, if I had to sum up the 60mg high in one word, it would be “wow.” Now that High Future introduced the 80mg version of this peach gummy I would take a step back.

With the 60mg, I never had a crash. I never felt my body giving in to the THC. Rather, I was industrious, driven, and content. It was the same euphoria I get when I consume sativa cannabis strains.

Based on my own experience, delta-8 gummies definitely make you high, however the effect isn't as strong as smoking regular joints or eating typical edibles unless you eat the 60mg. But the noobies will get high on the 30mg. So the 60 mg is not for the faint-hearted. And I say this remembering that I smoke weed everyday.

Is delta-8 THC psychoactive?

Delta-8 does make you high, but it's a different kind of high than I'm used to. It's more body-oriented, without the crushing head high.

These candies were far more potent from other companies I've tried which sometimes gave me unwanted heat flashes without the fun. High Future does talk about their products' quality, regular testing for quality purposes, and the bio-viability to hit the bloodstream faster.

If you've been avoiding cannabis and its numerous advantages because you get too high from joints, delta-8 might be what you've been looking for all along.

People usually anticipate edibles to hit you hard and keep you glued to the sofa. To avoid this, delta-8 could be the answer.

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