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Our goal is to change lives. 


We founded High Future with the hopes to get the highest quality hemp-derived products that are safe and affordable to everyone in need. 


Based out of Chicago and founded by a diverse group of like-minded talent, we are thrilled of being part of this growing community that is already revolutionizing in how we live and go about our day.


One of the biggest challenges is that not all cannabis products are for everyone. Many THC products have adverse effects on some, especially giving many various levels of anxiety because of an induced "high". Many people are put-off and a few return to the plant because of their experience.


Delta-8 changes this, and for the better, with a more bodily-euphoria without the head-high anxiety that is common with THC products. With all the stresses we encounter in our daily lives, sometimes we want to forget and just feel relaxed. Sometimes we just don't want to rethink the interactions of our day or anxieties of the future (as can be characteristic of a THC-induced high). Of course, you still have to be careful because too much Delta-8 can also be quite inducing.


*Everyone's reaction to Delta-8 can be different. That's why we recommend a maximum of one gummy for the best vibe.


But with the proper dose, Delta-8 changes your perception of what is possible with the newest science. Recent technological advances have altered our perception of various cannabinoids within the plant. Preliminary studies indicate that Delta 8 might be the future of wellness!


Team High Future

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